Propylene Glycol <99,5 % USP/EP

Pharmaceutical / cosmetic quality. Various sizes available


General information

Chemical formula C3H8O2; CAS: 57-55-6
pH ok. 6,8 (100 g/l H2O, 20°C)
Melting point 60°C
Boiling point 188,2°C
Decomposition temperature >290°C
Self-ignition point ok. 420°C
Flash point 101°C
Steam pressure 0,01 mbar (200°C)
Density 1,05 g/ml (200°C)
Solubility in water Yes, in all ratios
Key features Liquid, colourless, thick, odourless

Additional information

Glycol is also known as propane-1,2-diol, a chemical compound from the group of dihydroxy alcohols (diol). It has a wide range of applications in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

  • hygroscopicity - binds (retains) water molecules.
  • moisturizing - in low concentrations
  • oiling - in low concentration



  • Bottles or canisters made from HDPE
  • Marking for the blind and partially sighted: equilateral TRIANGLE, palpable by touch
  • Tamperproof or induction sealing cap

Other glycol applications:

  • emulsifier and preservative in the food industry
  • used in production of food flavorings and dyes
  • base for spreading the active ingredient in end product; in the pharmaceutical industry
  • an excipient providing the consistency of an emulsion in cosmetics production
  • used in toothpaste production
  • applied in detergents production
  • regulates the moisture of tobacco
  • nicotine excipient, flavor carrier in e-liquid

The highest quality product, compliant with applicable standards (CLP, REACH)